Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Find me a laptop bag

I am such a wannabe. Decided to be a rebel and got a MacBook for school. They explicitly state at the school that Windows is the standard. But what the hell ... Macs are so nice. *Caresses new MacBook* And the MacBook can dual boot in windows. And another added bonus is I have my own tech support (DH) at home muahahahah :D

So now I need a cool laptop bag. None of those ugly black ones that scream the name of your company or school for me ok? I also want one that I can use daily through the seasons, when I'm dressed up or dressed down. Something that is classic but not boring. Must be able to carry other items too like a notebook, cell phone, wallet etc. Also cannot be too expensive. Haha a tall order eh.

I've narrowed it down to these bags:

But is flannel really suited for all seasons?

Would I get sick of the patterns?

Or a bowler from Freddy and Ma. You can design your own, but there are so many cool fabrics. I can't decide! The bowler is the boxy one.

Kate Spade. These are soooo cute! They have much cooler designs in Japan than the US. Sadly it's also the most expensive at $400++ and would be hard to get since it's only available in Japan :(

Click on the image to see how a laptop fits oh so nicely into the bag. Also comes with a laptop case and mouse pad. *DIES from coolness*

Which should I get? Send me the links if you know bags I might like :)


my alter ego said...

ha...the never-ending quest for the perfect lappy bag.

i tried hunting for one for my ibook...but it took me ages, and i could never find the perfect one.

after carrying in those lappy handbags, i realised that i cannot carry other things in my other hand, cos my shoulder hurts and ache like hell.

maybe you might want to get a haversack? i got this haversack by samsonite...and its really great. at least i can carry other stuffs too, and they come in different sizes.

in 2 colours, Black and Graphite....the Graphite is much nicer, cos there is some yellow colours on it.

oh, whats the size of your mac? 15''?

matreshka said...

Buy em all!

Ok, if i really had to choose, I would like the Bowler one, on the top left hand corner of Freddy and Ma.

I love Flannel but they look fragile (their handles, that is). I haven't found a bag that I really like but I usually use my Crumpler haversack (although it's really huge for my iBook) or I just throw it into any bag that would fit.

The most important thing is -- buy a sleeve to fit your Macbook in for protection! :)

Kevin said...

Have fun shopping! I love the laptop backs at the following places and

BloatedTomato said...

i love the kate spade! oh God.. i feel so tempted to get one for myself.
only setback is that it has no shoulder sling? so must be carried on hand? may be a little cumbersome if you have lots of other stuff like your notes.

mini said...

wow thanks for the tips everyone! I'd never have found half the sites myself.

alterego> speaking of samsonite..they have this whole new line of bags that they launched recently! looks really cool.

matreshka thinking of getting a timbuk2 sleeve to cover the laptop. damnit accesorizing the macbook is even more expensive!

kevin ... very trendy! but a bit masculine hehe DH will benefit from the link instead :)

tomato... yah so nice right?????? but I guess it's a bit inconvenient without a shoulder strap huh? *repeats to self..don't buy it don't buy it*

gracie said...

I use a rolling duffel bag to carry my laptop cos my neck/back cannot take carrying the laptop and file/txbk around campus from the car accidents I had a few years back. Makes me look like a dork and everybody can hear me coming (rollers) but I just tell everyone that I pretend I'm a flight stewardess. A bit pathetic I know hehe

S* said...

The Kate Spade is lovely! But I think it's not an everyday bag unless you have hands like steel bands... I carried my ibook around school using a backpack. Slightly less dorky *(sorry Gracie) than a rollerbag, but more ergonomic than shoulder sling (you get lopsided after half a day of running around).\

~e~ said...

i used a samsonite - the newly launched lady's line at that time. they look sleeker than the usual. it had enough space for the laptop and notes/books, had stationery compartments too. but after carrying it too long, can hurt the shoulder.

have recently got a crumpler haversack in orange/khaki - the padded straps are comfy and it has a light foam laptop sleeve which is removable, so you can use the haversack for other purpose if you're not carring your lappy in it.