Friday, December 29, 2006

Sonoma and More

Christmas Tree

We've been so busy since we got to SF Sunday night. Spent Christmas at my aunt's place. I also got to meet the daughter of one of my relatives for the first time. She seemed to like me alot so I have to reciprocate :) she's such a cutie and I got at least 10 hugs from her for no reason awwww. Maybe I'm the youngest person she's met in a while keke

We headed down to Napa's less famous sister, Sonoma on Tuesday. It was raining and I was quite irritated with the weather but we made the best of it. Visited 2 small wineries (Lonely Planet endorsed) which was fun. At least tasting is still free!


The winemaker himself ...

Wednesday we did carmel and the 17mile drive. The ocean is way intimidating in the winter. The surfs were HUGE. It seriously felt like a tsunami was heading our way *gulp* ...


Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach

Thursday we picked up bro who came in from Singapore and we're off to LV tomorrow. Probably won't have internet access Happy New Year y'all!


gracie said...

Happy New Year! And u totally shldn't have visited SF in December. It's rainy like SG but much colder. To make up for the bad weather, u must visit again this year ok? Try coming in October.


~e~ said...

Happy New Year Mini!! and a belated Happy Birthday too!! :) Post more pics when you can - they're lovely!

mini said...

Happy Belated New Year's y'all.

Yah gracie..there is always next time! hopefully u'll be in town :) strangely it was colder in CA than MA this year! my bad luck. :P

e> still waiting on the rest of your honeymoon pics !