Saturday, February 11, 2006

Smashed Poop

It all started on Thursday when Miss Moxie picked up and ate this awful stinky piece of thing when we were out on our evening walk. It was dark, I couldn't see, so I yelled like a mad woman but nothing would make her spit it out. !*@*!@

Fast forward to Friday she has the runs in the morning. In the evening hubs comes home to a poop fest in the kitchen (good thing I got home late muahah). Then early saturday morning, I wake up to this awful stench smell in the bedroom. Turns out she couldn't hold it in ... and the scariest part was she wasn't able to walk. Her hind legs just refused to hold up :*(

Turns out I don't do very well in stressful situations. I got all freaked out and we rushed her to the emergency vet ... at 5am. The nice vet managed to coax her to walk after a bit and gave her a fluid injection beneath her skin so she won't dehydrate. You can see her little hump in the photo hehe.

She's doing better now, after a long afternoon of looking rather pitiful, crying, and not being able to walk. She can finally stand up with some effort. I'm so relieved I can finally take it out on her for all the worrying. No more sympathy for Mox. She wins an oscar for best corgi actress.

My Humps


matreshka said...

awww... poor moxie!!! I hope she's feeling better.

I hope you guys are too! heheh

~e~ said...

oh no.... the poor baby... is she ok now?

mini said...

thanks gals! yup she's almost back to normal now and the hump has gone down :)

rhys said...

Eww! Why does she do that?! Have you been starving her?

singaporegrrl said...

awwww, poor baby! Hope she's doing better.

mini said...

rhys> it's for her own good ok ;) see moxie has to watch her food intake coz she has weight gain tendencies lol

singaporegrrl> thanks! she is fully recovered now and storming around the house :)

S* said...

Pooor Moxie... maybe she'll NEVER eat any rubbish on the road again ... Or is that too much too hope for?

Actually, there is a kind of Heimlich Manuver you can do for dogs that's supposed to work for choking, but maybe you can use it to get her to cough up whatever junk she's swallowed without.

mini said...

thanks S* ! useful info for sure! and yes...that's too much to ask hehe