Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meet the Family

Uh oh it's retail therapy part II. As you can see, now that the wedding is long over, and I'm done with my applications, I am in desperate need of a new obsession. Funusual was having a 30% off everything sale and we managed to pick up a few Alessi kitchen accessories. They are usually ridiculously expensive, but so irresistably cute. Looks like we're officially alessi whores.

From left to right. Ms Priss, the pepper grinder, Mr White Pants, the cork screw, and funky Koziol, the sugar dispenser, masquerading as an Alessi.
The alessi family

I also got a cute apron! Me posing as myself ...
My New Apron That's me!

I need to resist the urge to go back and get the can opener! OK I need to go hibernate now, we're out of heating oil so our apartment has no heat or hot water bleh. Time to wrap myself in blankets.


S* said...

I love your Alessi family! It's really big here in Italy too!

They are just so wacky and cute they'll spread through the known universe. Little green Martians would use your can opener too if they could...

mini said...

*gasp* how did you know the can opener was a green martian with one eye?