Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Retail Therapy

Headed down to bloomies last week to indulge in some retail therapy and managed to score some bargains. I got a cute juicy velour hoody (I love juicy), a BCBG sparkly top for $30 (I wore this for CNY) and a pair of theory velvet pants at more than 50% off (don't they make my behind look so nicey nice). Juicy, Theory and BCBG are some of my favorites because they fit me so well! Shopping in the US is a huge pain since I'm, to put it bluntly, short. And every friggin store is guilty of of vanity sizing. I swear a size 0 here is really a size M in asia. HOW UNFAIR. Ok rant over. I guess this stops me from buying everything in sight.

The hoodie. Well not technically a hoodie since it has no hood. Confession: I've worn this 3 times already haha
Juicy Velour


Milly Me said...

Grrr...I hate shopping in Asia sometimes. Who says that Asian women are smaller? Look at me! I've tried but somehow I just can't shrink. Wonder if there's surgery to trim the width of bones...dammit!! Hate my built!!

On a lighter note, I go to bluefly.com everyday even though I don't buy a thing. It's just nice to look around .. tee hee!

Milly Me said...

GAaaahhh!! Right after posting the previous comment, I went to bluefly.com & used my plastic - got a BCBGirl dress & Miss Sixty skirt, both on sale. Damage was US$80(+/-),inclusive of shipping.

mini said...

milly sorry I cannot help you! I can barely resist the urge myself lol :) on the bright side, it's much cheaper than if you bought it in SG lah right. I am so good at justifying purchases keke

ps..you look tiny to me! in SG i have to wear a M ...sometimes a L or XL at stores like urban or mphosis wtf (do they even exist anymore?) ahh the irony of it all