Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Valentine's Tradition

... no more! We usually celebrate valentine's day by preparing lobster at home (we've done this 2 or 3 years in a row already). This makes celebrating so much easier since you don't have to battle the crowds or worry about where to go :)

Chez MintPatch Dinner Menu
* Oyster Stew
* Pepper Crusted Steak with Red Wine Sauce
* Balsamic Tomatoes and Crinkle Cut Fries
* 1998 Monticello Rioja
* Strawberry Mousse in a Chocolate Shell

This year, we strayed a little from the winning formula. We had steak instead since we weren't particularly in the mood for lobster. I tried to stay true to the seafood tradition though by making a pot of oyster stew. It was also yesterday that I discovered how disgustingly packed with fat cream based soup dishes are. I used a whole quart of half and half and a stick of butter. That's like over a 100g of fat!!! Yes you heard right. See thats why I don't like cooking, for me ignorance is bliss. I can never look at a bowl of chowder the same way anymore.

Look at the candles ... so romantic right? Too bad hubs made me blow them out after 2 minutes :p
Valentine's Day Dinner 2006Valentine's Day Dinner 2006

Hubs is especially proud of the fact that the steak is carmelized on the outside yet juicy on the inside:

I'd like to say I made this ... but I bought it from Whole Foods:
Strawberry Mousse from Whole Foods


singaporegrrl said...

Very nice! Looks like you guys did well.

gracie said...

aww so sweet =) we just had chocolate mousse made by my hubs. Think I'll make up to him on his bday... hehe

matreshka said...

The food looks yummyyyyyyyyyy

mini said...

thanks ya'll ! will cook for you if you come visit :)