Sunday, February 26, 2006


I was in the mood for soda today and on a whim decided to have the cel-ray flavored Dr. Brown's at Zaftig's (a jewish deli where we went for brunch). What I did not know was that cel-ray's short for celery and the soda had a weird celery after taste. Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed it! The flavor was refreshing and wasn't too sweet ... even though a can still has 36g of sugar (I checked).

Oh yes, and zaftig's serves really good brunch ... I had really yummy pancakes with strawberry butter and fruit. The also have challah french toast. I think the ones they serve here look like cakes! Gotta have it next time. But sorry no photos folks, I left the camera in the car.

See zaftig's on chompster

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