Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Dream of Sunnier Times

Weather Today: Grey Clouds, Floods Likely

I was just thinking that our big vacation themes lately have been centered around wild animals. I suppose that's because it meets our requirements. Somewhere a little exotic but still luxurious, somewhere where DH can take photos. And some place where I can coo over strange furry animals ... that will probably bite me if given a chance bah....

Next stop Brazil for Spring break! Did you know that Brazil has the largest rodent (capybara), the largest snake (anaconda), and apparently panthers? But I will only be going to Sao Paolo and Rio. Anti-climatic I know. It's a school trip and I sometimes forget that people have to work :P

PS: Sorry for the music I embedded. Music on blogs are tacky and can be scary for the unsuspecting visitor. But I could not RESIST! (Update: Sky music's removed. I forgot that the music never goes away .... post after post after post!)


Inspira said...

Brazil!!! I'm envious.... Pics pics pics please, when you come back. :-)

mini said...

Yes will post em :) though not sure how many photos I can take ... apparently it isn't a good idea to take out a spiffy camera in public. I have an old digital cam with a spoiled display ..maybe i will use that hehe.

sky said...

oh... you very lucky girl!
yes, i can't wait to see the pictures.