Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yay for M!

I was really surprised to find a slip from the post office the other day wanting me to go pick up a package from Singapore. Turns it was from Matreshka! The parcel sure made my day especially since I was in the middle of midterms last week. Which are finally over by the way. 3 days of exams back to back only proved how busted my brains have become.

Matreshka ...thanks!!! xoxoxo :D You're the best!

- Hair Mask (I need instructions on how to use this! hehe)
- Guilty Pleasure Korean VCDs ...woohoo!
- Flashing Singapore will be the object of desire at all Singaporean gatherings ;)

Care Package!


~e~ said...

yay! you've broken radio silence! good to have you back :)

gracie said...

flashing Singapore cap!? wah....

mini said...

*waves* u too e!

gracie...yah! it has little lcds on it that light up