Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Starwars at Tanglewood

Headed down to Tanglewood with Z and S on Saturday to watch the BSO rehersal play music from Star Wars and Memoirs of a Geisha. Tanglewoods is beautiful. It's set in the hills of the Berkshires with a spectacular view, about 2.5hrs from Boston.

Star Wars Theme. As DH put it ... it's just like the CD but live! Too bad I'm not much of a star wars fan hehe.

It's Yo Yo Ma!
Inside the Shed

That's all the photos we got before the pesky volunteers stopped us from taking photos. :p Was hoping to catch one of James Earl Jones (he was dressed in a white suite like Colonel KFC haha). All in all it was fun. Will bring stuff for a picnic in future.

And that's all folks, strangely DH got the stomach flu and we had to go home early.


S* said...

You guys sure are intrepid travellers - from Quito to outer space! Hope P is feeling better already... maybe it is delayed AMS?

mini said...

it's ironic that that he got the flu blown stomach flu back in the US rather than while we were in ecuador. perhaps it is delayed action ...