Monday, August 21, 2006

10 Years Ago

Feeling nostalgic since I just started b-school on Monday. While sitting in a review session, it suddenly dawned on me that exactly 10 years ago I was starting out as a freshman in college. I've come a full circle. Damn I'm old!

10 Years ago ...

1. I was a teenager *gasp*
2. I lived away from home for the first time
3. I experienced my first hurricane
4. There were no ipods ... but napster was alive and everyone had a shared folder full of illegal music. ahh those were the days
5. The chat client of choice was ICQ
6. Few people in the US had cell phones!
7. Kids went to school with desktops instead of laptops
8. No Google
9. Oasis, Spice Girls, Smashing Pumpkins were popular
10.The TV series, Beverly Hills 90210 was still hip

This would make a fun tag me thinks. Blog about what you were doing 10 years ago and what you remember from that time. I tag in no particular order... Gracie, Bloated Tomato, Dewberry, S*, e*, Singaporegrrl, matreshka and anyone else who wants to join in the fun. =)

Can you spot me? I'm picking up my nametag on the first day.
First Day


Cheryl said...

are u the gal wearing the Seven jeans and carrying a pink bag?

gracie said...

are you like the only other female student? Think I see a blond... the brunette is not counted cos she's behind the counter. =D

S* said...

Same question as Gracie - what's the boy-girl ratio? and like is there any eye candy in your class? BTW I take you up on your meme, though I suspect our answers are not that different, though the part I miss most is that 10 years ago I had a DOG... sob~

mini said...

cheryl, very observant! 100 bonus points :D

g, s*, does look like it huh? our class comprises 32% women. that's actually lower than what I expected since the percentage seemed to be rising the past couple years.

s* ...sorry about your dog. sniff ...i had a dog too 10 years ago :(

matreshka said...

Am back! Will do the tag once I finish up with the busy busy stuffs :)

singaporegrrl said...

congrats on your first day of school! I will have to think about my 10 years ago and blog about it.