Friday, January 04, 2008

In Transit

Taking a night flight to London is not a good idea. Got in at 8am which is like 3am Boston time. Didn't get much sleep since I was watching Atonement on the plane (it was good!). Stumbled over to Yotel that z & s told us about. The annoying part though is that it is in Terminal 4 and my connection is in 3. Arghk! Oh well anyway I was grateful to get a bed and shower since I could feel a headache coming along from lack of sleep.

Yotel room, 6 pounds an hour. Pretty clever though still kinda expensive. Beats sleeping on a chair though!
pix 129

Hope I'll have internet before I get to work in Cape Town!

OK off to catch the next plane soon.


matreshka said...

work in capetown!

~e~ said...

kinda like those capsule hotels in japan?

Inspira said...

Love Capetown!! Lucky you (even if it's work)...*envious*