Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We invited some friends over and cooked dinner. It's really fun when you have time cuz it took us all day and the day before! Here's Moxie doing her job. We never have to clean the floor while we're cooking because she laps it all up haha. Though she has a knack of getting in your way which is annoying .... ok will add that to her new year's resolution ...

"Rrruff what's in the oven, maybe something will fall from the heavens" - Miss Moxie
Moxie doing her job

The Menu

Yellowtail cerviche
Honey roasted leg of lamb
Shitake risotto
Ratatouille (copied from the movie!)
Belgian brownie with wildflower mousse
Oh and forgot photos of our Apple Soju Cocktail :D

Ratatouille ...Honey Roasted Leg of LambRisotto with Shitake and AsparagusYellowtail CervicheBelgian Brownies

Because it's new year's I feel obliged to make some resolutions, hmm how about for Moxie:

1) Get Mini to brush my teeth everyday
2) Lose 3 lbs by eating less. Do doga!
3) Get mini a job so she can buy me goodies
4) Do a better job cleaning the kitchen floor but not get in people's way
5) Stop shedding
6) Master the art of being quiet when raiding the coffee table or I will get busted.

xoxo Moxie

Eh brain dead now ....


matreshka said...

the food looks good!!!

~e~ said...

lol... Good luck with those resos Mox! No. 6 would be most imperative IMHO... ;p

mini said...

e> but bad for us hehe .... good thing she ain't too smart

m> taste might be different eh? ;-)

Inspira said...

Happy New Year!

Oooh....the Cerviche looks divine. :-)

And I agree with ~e~, Reso. 6 is most imperative.