Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hello from Cape Town

I got in on Saturday but internet is hard to come by. There's a monopoly by the broadband companies so it's expensive and not very accessible. We do get it at work but via dialup .... hmmmm. Anyhoo will be uploading photos as we go along!

Check out the gorgeous scenary at Camps Bay. Mountains in the back ocean in the front!

Camps Bay & The Seven Apostles

Wish the hubs was here because I am not a very good photographer and can't capture half the beauty of the place :)


matreshka said...

wow. better not show adrian... he'll want to live in capetown next.

mini said...

hee .... it's nice though really westernized and a bit dangerous in some areas. luckily there is not a very tall mountain here :D

Gabs said...

Oh wow!!!! Its gorgeous!!
I dont mind dial-up with that view!

Milly Me said...

I could with something like that. It will be a nice change from grey, wet English weather.