Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cape of Good Hope!

Do you guys remember this from our history texts? Also home to the Flying Dutchman. We headed down here last weekend and even saw some ostriches and horned animal in the wild albeit from a distance haha.

Cape of Good Hope!

Supposedly the southernmost tip of Africa (or that's what they tell tourists) but not really!


Milly Me said...

Cape of Good Hope! I remember my History teacher telling the class that it was name thus because of the wild sea conditions there. If the ships got past there, they were safe. Otherwise, keep hoping!

Oh, and in the days when they thought the world was flat, ships were thought to fall off the face of the earth at this point.

mini said...

yah yah! it's all coming back to me now :)

Gabrielle said...

Damn, I only remember the Suez Canal!

mini said...

hee i barely remember the suez canal. selective memory maybe