Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The BEST Wedding Gift!

Dear ins, I apologize for all the complaints I've had about you. You are not slow, you are not inefficient, your employees do not sit around all day and snack on bonbons. They do not take 3 weeks off during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and July fourth. Thank you for sending us our long awaited green card today. Thank you for not making us stand in line with the other aliens at customs :). We promise to make good use of it on our way back from SG in July.

As every true FOB knows, the green card journey is a long one fraught with many perils. Your company might stop sponsoring petitions, your labor cert might be rejected, you might be laid off, the process can take years. The list goes on. Hypothetically, now I can get fired, I can switch jobs, I can move to a different state, I can go back to school. Woohoo! The wealth of options! Now how shall we celebrate ... oh and more importantly what am I to do now that I can't bitch and moan about our gc anymore???


matreshka said...

woohoo! congrats on your green card!

mini said...

thank u thank u!! :) it came as quite a surprise

gracie said...

Congrats! =) Now you can skip the lines when u return to US.