Sunday, June 05, 2005

Supersize Me

I walk into a meeting last week and I hear "and MINI she probably doesn't even eat'. Throughout the rest of the meeting I tried to give her the look of death. See I am sick of this kind of talk coming from people. Just because I am not grossly obese does not mean I don't have a healthy appetite. I get all these snide comments from people and its really starting to irritate me. Here's a sampling:

- Oh you ate a whole cookie? that is like me eating a whole cake (yeah thanks, you're quite a beast?!)
- Uh oh you're going to get fat on that piece of cake (substitute with brownie, chocolate, cookie etc.) (thanks?!)

Hey this seems like reverse discrimination. Now its ok to make fun of the person who isn't fat? Do people actually think a comment like this is a compliment? Can they not contain their jealousy? Am I over reacting? Fiance thinks I am. Now can someone help me think of a good comeback?? All I can do now is give a lame fake smile.

Disclaimer: I am of a normal weight. I'm not even considered thin in asia. I wear a medium. I also eat a lot (though slowly). Sometimes I scare myself with how much I can eat. Fiance never fails to remind me that the portions I eat are the same as his. And he's 160lbs (the last time he weighted *chuckles*). I think he wants my left overs.


gracie said...

maybe say something like "I guess I've got good genes", or "Oh! you shld visit Singapore, we're mostly all this slim *emphasize slim, not thin*" You can then add that part about good genes after this sentence.

Or in a really bitchy/sincere voice, talk about how hard you're trying to put on weight to fit into your gown (even if you're not). That shld piss of the overweight ppl.

I don't get that problem cos there're ALOT of slim people in SF. Asians and non-asians included. So I just typically feel fat. =D

mini said...

Hi gracie, nice one with the 'good genes'! I will have to use that the next time (which should be soon hah). yup bet I won't have this problem in CA either. maybe its because the people where I @ work are older.

Anonymous said...

I am a 24 yr old white south african woman and i get the same thing....i'm 5'1 and 88 pounds and thats because i have good genes, but i get the same jealous comments...american women can be very jealous if you are better looking or thinner than them.

Dont let what they say worry you, they just envy you.