Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Favor Dilemma

The wedding draws close and we are still trying to figure out what to use as favors. The ones the hotel (supposedly 6 star no k) provide suck. Take a look. The bear looks like he has a hernia. And what the hell is the organza bag filled with? Birdseeds? The 'elegantly designed gift box' is so tacky. Don't even get me started on the wreaths. Are they edible? I just hate giving stuff that people are going to 'unintentionally leave behind'.(I know I would. Why even take it home where I actually have to put it in my trash can and add extra weight so I can lug it out on trash day?)

We've actually decided to make our own. I even mocked up the box. This leaves us with the question of what to fill it with. Should we do 1)Colored M&Ms 2)Yogurt pretzels (I would love to add a cheesy note like 'we're tying the knot' haha) 3) Strawberry Fortune cookies with custom fortunes. Or we could forgo the boxes (imagine wrapping hundreds of em) and go for the Tea Forte favors. Help!!!

My fancy favor box:



Loo said...

Oh Min, I vote for the teaforte favors. It's classy. And tea is in. Why didn't anyone else come up with this fantastic idea!!

p3arLy said...

The teaforte is so cute!!

LOL the bear does look a bit spazzed out. :D WHY in the world would they hand out wreaths? Serious? WREATHS? Hahaha...

gracie said...

yeah you don't want the hassle of making your own favors i tell you... you'd be too stressed over other details. so I agree that Tea Forte is a great idea but are you going to print your own little tags (your names and date of wedding) to attach to the favors?

Marco said...

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