Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy B'day Boz

Today's my fiance's 29th birthday. I can't believe he's almost 30. I was planning to surprise him with going out to dinner, but the *!@$*# ruined by plans by deciding he had too much work. So I had to come up with a different plan at the last minute but I think made out pretty good! The wine club membership I got him (like duh he must have mentioned wanting to join a wine club at least 10 times) arrived at his office today with 2 wines from Italy. So did the Riedel wine glasses I got. Though I have no idea what the difference is between bordeaux and I have no idea if chianti is red or white. Perfect timing ... good thing I'm a procrastinator.

For dinner I got take out from Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton. Highly recommended ... it was really delicious. Much better than Red Bones in Davis Square, though that is not saying much because I hated Red Bones. Got the North Carolina Pulled Pork and a half rack of ribs. The spicey sauce was so darn good and the corn bread was freshly baked and excellent. Funny I was in NC for 4 years and all the BBQ I had at the engineering picnics were gross. Really liked the collard greens but fiance thought it was gross. Oh and we have left overs for tomorrow too. I can't wait!

BBQ Ribs with collard greens and black eyed corn. The cornbread is in the foil.

NC Pulled Pork with baked beans and coleslaw.

Wannabe Riedel Glasses. Pardon the fobilicious mess in the background. Notice the Chou Wang soy sauce prominently placed. Doesn't do them glasses justice. Forgot to take a picture with the glasses filled with the Italian Lungarotti 2000 Rubesco. It tasted good ... but I really don't know anything about wine ... dont' claim to either :)

Dessert ... the best part! Raspberry dark chocolate tart from Whole Foods (who knew!) ...mmmm

Couldn't resist one with the Mox. No it's not her birthday. Sorry for the blurryness, the picture looks much better without flash and I can't help having trembly hands.


Mummy said...

that was a lot of food for 2 people! A belated Happy Birthday to Peck!

p3arLy said...

Wow...that's a forced kiss on the Mox! LOL...

Happy Birthday Peck. :)

mini said...

she don't like it lol