Monday, June 27, 2005

Damn Fools

I am seriously dealing with twits and nitwits. I write an email to my Bridal Salon yesterday telling them I would like to see photos of my gown before going back. Is this really so unreasonable? As a personal touch (since I know the assistant reads the mail) I say the following:

"Considering the fact that I can't see the dress in person, this is the best plan and would make me feel a lot better. I'm nervous about coming back to a gown I haven't seen, that cannot be modified, I'm sure you understand that being a recent bride yourself."

(All I am asking is for the gown to be complete 1 week before I arrive, and for photos to be taken just incase changes need to be made.)

So get this. The beyotch assistent starts off her reply by telling me to relax!! Then goes on to lecture me on how I should have 100% trust in the designer whilst relating her own pathetic story of how she didn't even see her gown till 2 weeks before her wedding because she had so much confidance in her designer! So what, now I am the unreasonable, neurotic one??? Such f'ing b**crap. I really hate when people have blind faith. Sure your gown designer might be able to guide you on what works or doesn't work for you, though they aren't always right! No wonder I see so many photos of brides who look like f'ing train wrecks. Oh and btw dear assistant, I don't really give a rat's ass for your opinion. I was only saying it to be nice.

Oh and she ends off by saying 'no offense'. F'king A I hate hate hate when people. Such sure know what they really think when they say something like that. Oh and I haven't even started on our wedding coordinator yet...


gracie said...

Sorry to hear about yr wedding stress. It's no joke planning a wedding 10,000 miles away. I guess maybe now it's peak wedding season so they probably have a tight schedule. Maybe can try calling the designer (long distance call they shld pick up right?) and hinting that you felt the assistant was being too presumptous?

mini said...

update.. so they are going to do what I ask i.e. take the photos. I think I'm going to let this one slide (for now) and bring it up with the designer at an opportune time ;) ... I hate customer service, I always get into yelling matches with them :P

haha one of my friends had this comeback. 'no offense but I am the one paying the money here' ... thought that was pretty funny!

matreshka said...


Indeed you are! The assistant ought to be shot.