Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dear Gahment, Why Can't I Vote?

Triggered by tribolum's post I read on and the presidential election fiasco in Singapore, I must say that while it's outrageous most Singaporeans don't get to vote because of the lack of candidates, it is even worst when others don't even qualify based on some other criteria (i.e. me and hubs). I looked up the web site today and was stunned to find that I didn't meet the requirements because I had been out of the country for more than 3 out of the last 5 years. Say what???

Holy schmoly is that really grounds for having your right taken away from you? What have I done to deserve this? Afterall, I am a good, polite Singaporean citizen, with a red passport, pink IC, and a spanking good command of singlish. I don't litter, I am over 21(don't ask), I read the Straits Times daily (ok ok only before they started charging), I have good personal hygiene,I am kiasu, kiasi, though I must admit to my one vice, chewing gum.

According to these rules, if you live overseas you must either be i)a scholar ii) gahment henchman or iii) diplomat to be worthy of a vote. Which leaves out us not so privileged folk. See for yourself:

  • You must have resided in Singapore for an aggregate of two years during the period of five years of being away as of the cut-off date of the Registers of Electors; OR

  • on full-time training or full-time service abroad as a member of the Singapore Armed Forces, or as a public officer or an employee of a Singapore public authority;

  • on full-time training which is sponsored by the Singapore Government or any Singapore public authority;

  • employed outside Singapore by an international organisation of which Singapore is a member, or any other organisation designated by the President under the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore;

  • Could it be because ...
    a) I'm not smart enough? Only stupid people study or work overseas, unless of course they're on a gahment scholarship.
    b) I'm a quitter and quitters don't deserve this privilege.
    c) Or maybe like Gardenia bread, being Singaporean has an expiry date.


    Anonymous said...

    Probably because the gahment is very kiasu and they think that people overseas will definitely vote opposition. Posting anonymous for fear of being tracked and murdered. :p

    matreshka said...

    heh heh. Even if you lived here, you might still not get to vote because there's always the w-a-l-k-o-v-e-r. Happened to me the last elections, not sure if it'll be the same for the upcoming (whenever it is) one. Mebbe we shld move to Potong Pasir. Sure get a chance to vote!

    mini said...

    yah very pathetic that most of us don't even get the voting experience!! the upcoming one should be soon right? let's hope that at least one of us gets to vote this time :)haha

    gabby said...

    Eh I never got to vote too, and I am closing the big 3!!! what a load of crock this system is..i mean, who decides that its a walkover???