Saturday, August 13, 2005

Honeymoon Series Part I - Bali

After all the wedding madness, we managed to sneak in a short 3-day getaway for a mini-honeymoon. Ok I call it the mini honeymoon because it was too short and I feel jibbed. We need another honeymoon, or a series. (hint hint) :)

Perhaps my expectations were too high. Hotel Nikko where we stayed was quite mediocre (though the Ritz was probably a hard act to follow). Now I wish we'd stayed somewhere else, like ALila or The Four Seasons (thanks for the rec Gabby, it's too late now) but alas since all our plans were made last minute we weren't able to do much research. We don't even have a Lonely Planet Bali guidebook that we so faithfully buy for each trip. No one to blame but us!

I was surprised by how quiet Bali was. Kuta, the supposed tourist hub, seemed rather lifeless, so was Jimbaran Bay where we went for seafood. It could be because tourism is down as a result of the Bali bombings, the place just isn't as vibrant anymore. Besides lazing by the beach, we also went snorkeling. Though most of the time I was trying not to get washed away by the currents which were pretty strong. The water wasn't that clear either, though we did get to see an assortment of tropical, brightly colored fish that came up to eat bread from your hands.

Our hotel room:

At the beach:


Gabby said...

Nothing is ever too late! :D Go back there for your first anniversary!

mini said...

good idea! u have to update me on how your trip goes. :)

gracie said...

wah the fish actually eat from yr hands? cool... Anyhow, got mini honeymoon not bad liao. I didn't have honeymoon at all *sniff* hehe

lewissmith6536 said...
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mini said...

yah cool rite? though I was quite afraid when the bigger fish came. might bite my fingers off leh!