Saturday, August 06, 2005

100 Years

I love the photo montage that hubs dearest created for our wedding. It's set to my favorite Five for Fighting song. I must have watched it a gazillion bazillion times but I never pass up an opportunity to watch it yet again. Too bad the song was recently cheapened in some stupid commercial on channel 5. Damnit I discovered it first ok!

For those of you who want to see our very very adorable baby photos so nicely arranged in the montage again (hah), we've uploaded the file so you can view the montage here. Be sure to download Flash 8 before viewing the montage since it contains embedded videos. The absolute latest technology. Would you expect any less from hubs? This is all just a teaser for when we actually get our wedding video and photos! Meanwhile I am desperately trying to relive the moment through photos from our friend's cameras. The wedding was so much fun ... can we do it again?

PS: Pardon the timing in the montage. For some reason the photos cycle at the correct frequency only on hub's computer. Flash is flakey!

I was born with a full head of hair

I can touch my toes


matreshka said...

I cannot view :(

mini said...

how come cannot?? :( is there an error message or something?

gracie said...

I specially downloaded Flash 8 like u said and managed to view it. It's great! =) Glad u enjoyed yr wedding. I enjoyed mine too but don't think I'd wanna do it over agian heh.

matreshka said...

Hey Min, I managed to watch it. Think maybe the bandwidth was busy on Saturday or something... it just didn't load. Today's much better! Very nice!!!!!!!!!!