Sunday, August 28, 2005

Park Review

They say that people with kids or dogs know all the best parks in the area. The latter is certainly true for us. Having had Moxie for a while now, we've toured most of the parks in the vincinity. And just when we thought there weren't any more left to explore, we discovered another favorite today! The little Reservoir Park off Route 9 in Chestnut Hill. There's a nice path with plenty of benches and trash cans (very important so you don't have to carry the poop with you) that go all the way around the water. It was breezy, shadey, and so picturesque that we decided to go back in the afternoon for a little picnic. Here's a photo from our excursion:

Notice she's drooling. She desperately wants her treat.

These are the other parks in the area. Let me know if there're others we left out:

1.Arnold Arboretum - In Jaimaca Plain. It's a huge park covering over 250 acres but I didn't find it particularly spectacular. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is much better. haha

2. Boston Commons - Nice place to people watch and for Moxie to meet the city dogs! Cons are that it's hard to find parking.

3. Bowen Playground - Good for daily walks since it's right across the road.

4. Cold Spring Park - A favorite since it's close to our place and dogs can run off leash. There's also a doggy playgroup in the afternoons for the lazy.

5. Chestnut Hill Reservoir - Near Boston College. Parts of the trail is a dirt path. Reservoir Park is way nicer!

6. Reservoir Park - Our new favorite. Great for jogging or catching some rays.


Gabrielle said...

now there's something that you dont get very often in Singapore-considerate dog owners who clean up after their pooches. Way to go :)

mini said...

awww thanks :)... is that common in SG?

Gabrielle said...

considerate dog owners? you kidding me?