Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Somebody Gonna Get a Hurt Real Bad

I managed to skip out of yet another torturous evening meeting last week to go watch Russell Peters at Babson College. Aside from having to walk 2 miles in heels from parking to the auditorium in 30 degree weather, and having to deal with imbecile college organizers, it was all worth while. Not only did I derive great pleasure from masquerading as a college kid, I also laughed for a full hour till my stomach hurt. I suppose I shouldn't be ungrateful and extend a small thank you to the kids for bringing him instead hah :)

For those of you who don't know this guy, he's a stand up comic. If you are indian, asian, or international you have have have to watch his clips that have been percolating the internet over the past couple months. He's extra brutal in real life and rags on anyone and everyone. But hey it's all fun and games as long as it's not you he picks on right? ;)

A funny lookin kinda guy:

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