Monday, November 14, 2005

5 Years Too Late? Ikea in Boston

I remember emailing Ikea when I first moved here demanding for a store in the area. Yes, I'm pathetic but so's Boston. Singapore has had Ikea for as long as I can remember. I used to love the stinky ballroom as a kid. :)

So on Saturday, we made the trek down to Stoughton to check out the new store. Just as we got on route 24, the traffic started backing up and there was a ton of cops lurking in the area. Ikea traffic? Was doubtful at first, I mean not like they're giving away free stuff right?!? Then we saw signs that exit 19B was closed. Hey wasn't that the exit we needed to take? Ok so that didn't phase us, we decided to try the detour. But holy schmoly as we got off the ramp, we saw that traffic all backed up as far as we could see. WTF?

Anyway, we never made it to Ikea. Decided to go to Wrentham instead :p ... not a bad trade. I got some cool peenk mixing bowls for $10 from Williams and Sonoma and a wine glass rack. Oh and a cheap pair of $30 slingbacks from Ralph Lauren. YAY one can never have enough shoes.

Ikea Traffic (we're not even close):
Ikea Jam

My cool pink mixing bowls (pardon the poor lighting):
Pink Mixing Bowls


~e~ said...

Wrentham!! Next September... Promise???

mini said...

yeah !!! it's a date gal !! they also have a new le creuset store. but that's kinda heavy to bring on a plane lol

btw .. are you updating your blog now that you're back home? might have to change titles :)

Milly Me said...

You know, my 'fondest' memory of Ikea was this once when my dad brought us all to Ikea to buy book shelves after visiting & dinner with grandparents . I think I was 8 then. As usual, my brother & me were left in the ball room. Moments later, my brother threw up in the ball room & an announcement was made over the PA system for parents to collect their kids from the ball room because it needed cleaning. HAHAHAHAH!!!

~e~ said...

no not updating. but going to start new one with more relevant title. haven't had the time yet though... work has been manic. :(

mini said...

milly> omg that's too funny ..erh and also a tad gross hehe. *imagines self playing in barf balls* :p

e~ ..awww take care ok. remember your wedding ..i mean family, friends and health are more impt than work :) ..and let me know when that new blog is up!

~e~ said...

link to new blog can be found in last entry of old blog. :)