Monday, December 19, 2005

OK OK Pocky!

OMG my pocky obsession is out of control. I picked up 4 boxes of Pocky from Kotobukiya the other day. Almond Crush Pocky, Kurame (Sesame) Pocky, Reverse Pocky (I thought this was so clever - it's inside out geddit? haha), and Marron Toppo which isn't technically pocky. I have no idea what Marron is but I suspect it's some kind of Japanese chestnut that you can only find in a the fall? Someone please enlighten me!

My Pocky stash:
My Pocky Stash

And check out these Pocky commercials. They're hilarious!
  • Little Monk Pocky

  • Crazy Pocky - They still eat pocky the same way they did 15 years ago .... left to right ...snap!

  • Medival Pocky - They sword play with pocky in this one *gasp* kill me now

  • No blog entry is complete without the quiz:

    You Are Reverse Pocky

    Your attitude: rebellious and clever
    Non-conformist, but curiously a trendsetter
    With you, up is down... and it's a wild ride!

    What Flavor Pocky Are You?

    In any case I've found new direction in life. I want to try all the pocky flavors!!! Eeeha! I have chocolate, strawbelli, green tea mousse, creme brulee, pumpkin, milk, sesame, reverse, almond crush, men's pocky, honey mustard pretz, salad pretz, under my belt.


    ~e~ said...

    wow, didn't know there were even that many flavours...

    btw, the guy in the "Little Monk" clip is quite cute... *grin*

    S* said...

    HEHEHE .. I did the Pocky Quiz some months before and it inspired me equally to run out and try at least 6 new flavours.. Wanted to do them all but the folly of my ways became clear when sugar OD set in!! Now I cannot smell the familiar sugary smell without turning the color of a Green Tea Pocky.. Do learn from my sad tale and SPACE them out...

    matreshka said...

    Welcome to the Pocky club!

    When I was 9, I got into a road accident. Well, really it was a pavement accident. I was happily walking on the pavement with a box of Pocky Chocolate along Farrer Road when a truck skidded and ran into me. I blacked out and the next thing I knew, I was right underneath the truck.

    My mum who was ahead of me got the shock of her life, and along with passersby, pulled me out from under the truck. Miraculously, I escaped somewhat unscathed.

    While they were frantically trying to get me to the hospital, my first dazed comment was, "My Pocky..." and pointed to the other side of the truck where the Pocky had landed.


    mini said...

    e ... i think he's in the board meeting clip too! could it be that pocky saved your life??? :))

    s thanks for the warning ..*note to self* do not cave to desire to try all flavors in one sitting

    singaporegrrl said...

    ooooh, I lurve pocky!