Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Scout Law

We almost got lost in the forests of Rhode Island on Saturday. Haha I kid you not. I suppose the incident with the sillyporeans searching for the Japanese Karate master and getting lost ain't so funny after all.

We started off the hike in good spirits. 6 miles? No problemo. We're still young *cough*. The walk started off quite picturesquely. After an hour, we'd walked by a gurgling brook thing that ended in a reservoir. Awwww


All was well till 3 hours into the hike. We were getting tired, the trail was longer than we'd expected, the trail markings were confusing, and our map sucked. The supposed highlight of the trail, Penny Hill, didn't even much of a view. We didn't see any cool wildlife (pondskaters don't count). We had no compass, little water (3 small bottles between the 5 of us), no food, rain jackets, or cell phones (we left these in the car, as a consolation we didn't have service anyway). Wow weren't we brilliant?! And to make matters worst, we also saw large fist sized piles of poop on the trail ... hmmm

Looking back, the predicament we were in was pretty funny haha. Fortunately for us, we ran into 2 mountain bikers (guardian angels?) who kindly gave us directions back. It started thundering in the last leg of the hike but we even made it out an hour before sunset! YAY

A creepy shack we found. Though what good is it? With those huge gaps at the bottom, it wouldn't have provided much refuge from wild animals.
Haunted Hut

So much for hubs being a scout and me a guide in school. But hey, I say being prepared is boring, let's just wing it. :D


~e~ said...

heh... well, brownie points for effort!! ;p

btw, xj and I have booked our tics for the honeymoon. We're headed to NYC on 5th Sept, then to Argentina for 2.5 weeks before we head back to the US for another few days, then home. Can't wait!! :)

singaporegrrl said...

OMG! that's so blair witch! Glad you made it out alive!

matreshka said...

Adventure! It's things like these that make life more interesting.

Sounds like the time adr and I got our land rover stuck in a ditch while offroading in punggol... and we almost had no one else to call... and it rained cats and dogs. heheh

mini said...

e> YIPEE!!!! Any plans to stop by Boston? :) We might go down to nyc for labor day weekend ... but seems like you'll only be there after leh.

Oh yes ... was browsing the photos on your site from Sharon's wedding. We have the same dress !!!! BCBG? Mine is in black though heheh

mini said...

singaporegrrl > now that you mention it ... yeah totally blair witch *GULP* all we had were our cameras haha

mini said...

matreshka> oh no!! what happened in the end??? ... yeah and no one knew we were going hiking there either haha.

~e~ said...

mini--> when's Labour Day Weekend? We're in the US from 5th to 8th and 25th to 29th. Haven't yet planned what we're going to do in those few days - we did consider Boston. Let me know if you'll be around?

Yeps, it's a BCBG. :) lurve BCBG - size0 actually fits. haha.

gracie said...

My hubby is eagle scout but I dun think I'd want an adventure like that. I is miss-plan-ahead-ten-years type. =D

S* said...

that shack is sooo creepy~

Did you bring Moxie with you? Maybe she would have helped to sniff your way out if you didn't meet them guardian angels!