Thursday, September 07, 2006

Swamped Thing

I am pressed for time and SWAMPED :( Just some random ramblings since it's more fun than reading zzzzzz

- I have no time for anything!! *BOOHOO*
- Apparently the 40k tuition includes some major ass kissing
- I am one vain mf. I lug my laptop and books to school in a 3 tonne tote bag?!?!
- I feel like Hermione Granger in a classroom full of Hermione Grangers. Class participation be damned!
- I am sick of meeting new people ... help!
- I am never going to finish my readings ...double help!
- I have no idea what I wanna be when I grow up ... triple help!
- I hate perky people


takchek said...

That's what MBA courses are like what. (Engineers generally don't look very favorably at the business folks.:))

matreshka said...

Do what my classmates in australia did. Put up your hands and contribute something totally irrelevant. That still counts for class participation! ;)

BloatedTomato said...

hang in there! things will be fine, as long as you dun meet professor snape!

mini said...

tomato> haha literally laughed out loud when i read your comment. and i was actually in a meeting with my team kekkeke

matreshka> one class actually has negative points for unconstructive comments! ooops damned if u do damned if u don't.

takchek> i was an engineer too leh ... in my past life. but I am a whiner at heart :) now i sit in front of class muahahah

matreshka said...

alamak. Then don't raise your hand in THAT one.

gracie said...

hmmm well I guess u gotta expect the class to be full of hermoine grangers. And yeah... I never finish my readings too. As for being vain... please hor - wait yr back kena permanent damage. don't play play. I just go with a backpack with wheels (cos my back/neck more precious) but since u're vainer.... maybe get a nice business like briefcse with wheels.

dewberrry said...

haha, welcome to b-school, now you know why it's nicknamed B.S.! perky people are gonna be your friends, just try not to make too much eye contact especially early in the morning... it'll hurt your head. (poor you, i totally commiserate, survived 3.5 yrs of overachieving undergrad b-schoolers!)

but despite it all, hang in there and have fun!

S* said...

Hey! I thought "what you wanna be when you grow up" is part of the essays you have to write to apply to b-school?!

Hang in there sweetie!

Milly Me said...

Hiya! It's nice to be a student again, isn't it? Do away with that 3-tonne tote bag or else you'll not look glamourous after the damage the 3-tonne has done to you. Hang in there!!