Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shoes Glorious Shoes

I had so much fun in the Havaiana store that I forgot to take photos. I bought 4 pairs. A brown brazil flag one for the hubs, a bejeweled graphite one, a patterned one, and a wedged one for my cousin. There were so many choices it was hard to choose. Oh did I already mention that the coolest part is you can custom bejewel your flip flops. Classy ? No, but fun? YES!

I don't really know why I need so many flip flops ...
Other Havaianas

The ones I custom jeweled. :)
Jewelled Havaianas

Oh and bonus score at my guilty pleasure store, Target. $5 jelly flats. These shall be my rainy day shoes.

Jelly Rain Shoes


sky said...

cute! feet,flip flops and flats :)

mini said...

hee thanks sky! though the feet are kinda boney and I think I see bunions!! GASP

sky said...

still cute ;)