Thursday, May 01, 2008

Raise Your Hand If

You remember Ken Done!

Read today that iGoogle partnered with some designers like Philip Stark, Tory Burch, Dolce and Gabana, to create skins for the site. How cool huh?

I picked the Ken Done one for my iGoogle for old times sake :) My koala pencil case was all the rage in secondary school.


sky said...

aww, you are one of those cool girls i envied so much :)

matreshka said...

*Raise hand* I remember Ken Done! But I didn't have his pencil case. LOL. The last time I saw his books/products was in a bookshop in aus-trah-liah.

mini said...

sky > I am not cool lah...just a follower. a few of my friends had one haha

m> yah he is austrahlian! actually i don't know much about him. going to google done really his last name??

~e~ said...

me have t-shirt a fren bought for me from aussieland!

mini said...

wah! i didn' know he has tshirts..there is alot i don't know about him :P