Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Made Dinner!

Our conversations usually go like this after I am done cooking dinner:

Me: Do you want me to pack the left overs for you?
P: No it's ok.
Me: Fine. I know my cooking is not good :p Hrmp

But I have good news. P actually agreed to take my spicy marinara pasta to work yesterday! GASP!Ok but not the fairy tale ending here. He forgot to take the tupperware with him and I ate it for lunch instead. :)


Inspira said...


slurp slurp

Rhys said...

That looks yummy!

mini said...

Oh you guys are too kind. I will whip this special dish up when you are in town. No guarantees on taste though haha! I've only made it once using imprecise "agar agar" methods.

Anonymous said...


mini said...

I wish the anonymous cookie monster would stop spamming my blogs!!!