Friday, October 03, 2008

My Old Photos ....

Yes I am that old. HEEHEE

I look pretty glam with the fro huh? Which do you think was my best year?

1960 (L) 1966 (C) 1968 (R)

1974 (L) 1978 (C) 1990 (R)

You can make your own yearbook photos here and post it on your blog. I want to seeeee!


matreshka said...

Somehow 1960 looks very natural. kekeke. But I think your best year is a toss up between 66 and 68. hee hee. New hairdo idea perhaps?

Inspira said...

1960 and 1990 are your best years...hehhehheee

mini said...

matreshka: dont'u think I look like a giraffe in 68? haha

inspira: I'm liking the foxy brown look lol. looks like I was born 20 years or so too late.

gals ... go make your own! :)