Sunday, December 06, 2009

Herro Kitty !

OMG check out what was parked next to us at Ranch 99 (where else right?!). A Kitty mobile. License plate "Herro Kitty". Kid you not! Secretly I am in love with this car. The hot pink wheels with hello kitty air caps are to die for.

Oh and speaking of kitty, I also saw recently that Zales has a collection of Hello Kitty jewelry. Now I'm not a big fan of Zales aka ghetto mall brand. It's not even "A kiss begins with Kay"! Haha but this Zales collection is pretty impressive. I want ....

And for my iphone! But it's already out of stock :( OK I am only half serious about the phone cover. Imagine whipping that out at work haha


Inspira said...

Ok ok...I can do for you FOC the herro kitty bling bling swarovski crystal stick post me your phone lah...heh

mini said...


Inspira said...

Promise...*spits into hand* Come shake hand...Promise mah..

~e~ said...

long time no read!! makes me think i shld update mine too.. hehe..

i heard from my friend that her aunt in HK has her iphone encrusted in real diamonds! and she has an extra regular nokia phone she uses when out on the streets, but whips out the diamond-ified iphone from her hermes (no less!) when she's yumcha-ing at the peninsula.... *roll eyes*

mini said...

omg i want to see that!!!!!

e~ yes 2010 new year's resolution? :)

Inspira said...

OMG! I just whipped out my old phone when I was out having treat at Peninsula..*gulp* - now I know why they were staring at me. Not chi-chi enough.

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Patricia Carter said...

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