Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Almost Famous

Doing a search for "makan wiki" in Google last week, I found that Makan Wiki which I'd talked about in an earlier blog entry was featured on Tomorrow - Bulletin of Singapore Bloggers! (I have no idea how they found it) Here is a link to the Makan + Wiki = Maki article. Isn't that cool? My first brush with fame. Ok ok for those of you gagging in your seats, admittedly I'm not very blog savvy and I hadn't even heard of the Tomorrow site till last week, but I like to think that its an accomplishment albeit small. There are even some contributions from people I don't know. Ahh the power of wiki.

PS: Thanks to everyone who contributed! :)


Daryl said...

Hey, Tomorrow hasn't been around for very long (less than a month), so don't need to feel bad about just hearing about it!

And your blog made me remember, I miss Boston.

mylittlecyberspot said...

hi mini, what is 'wiki'? how does it work? me curious... pl explain!! :) by the way, emailed you more on bali... :)

mini said...

hiya ... wiki is a collaborative software. it's used on huge sites like wikipedia.org as well. u can add your own fav places to eat by clicking on 'edit text' at the bottom of the page. do contribute :)

mini said...

hey daryl ..yup boston is a very special town :) ..when were u last here?