Thursday, May 05, 2005

Food Diary

I've actually been making progress with food! I'm sure you guys will love to hear the sordid details. This is in addition to my staple of yogurt (that I've sworn off).

Friday: juice (that was promptly repelled by me stomach) Saturday: corn chowder, porridge and tofu (cooked by fiance the sweetie) Sunday: mashed potatos from KFC (fiance had the c)Monday: more soup, apple sauce, angel food cake, couscous, scrambled eggs Tuesday: Ritz Bits - mozarella and cheddar (wow), rice and tofu at sichuan fan zhuang (yeah huH!) Wednesday: fried rice from Penang!! + hokkien char mee (noodles are kinda hard to eat still)

When all is well ... I am planning to have some nice good crunchy salad and nuts, fruit (haven't had that in a while), juicy rack of lamb, and pasta/noodles! Haven't even touched on the stuff I'll have when I touch down in SG. Alright time for painkillers.

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