Monday, May 02, 2005

Fungry :( = F*cking Hungry

I finally got the courage to get my 4 wisdom teeth extracted (2 impacted). Well actually it was a monetary decision :) My dental insurance only covers $1500 and I had to make use of the other $1500 covered by fiance's insurance (before he left his cushy job with good benefits hah) so the procedure would be free! (which singaporean doesn't love a good bargain??) In any case I am so glad I got it done under GA. The best part is I don't remember a thing. No trauma nothing, other than the swelling, nausea, and bloodied spit. Nothing I can't handle!

The worst part, that no one ever mentions is not being able to eat when you are absolutely starving! All everyone talks about is the swelling, the pain etc. bleh. Walking by the food court on Saturday I had not eaten in 2 days (does juice count??) ... was absolutely miserable. Mind you I was absolutely starving. I couldn't have my favorite Chick Fila (only found in the Burlington Mall and Nashua) Had to settle for some burnt corn chowdah. But hey the good news is I actually had energy to hit the mall the day after surgery! I neglect to mention that I totally collapsed and didn't leave the house on Sunday.

Today ...Monday ...I am still hungry. *sigh*


gracie said...

poor thing. =( yah the food deprivation is a lethal side effect. but u can take the positive view by seeing this as a period for u to detox your body. =)

mini said...

and lose some winter weight :)