Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Got Some Spare Change?

Found our mailbox stuffed with all kinds of junk catalogs today (in time for x'mas I suspect?), victoria's secret, patagonia, bloomies, and the ultimate neiman marcus catalog!! I've always enjoyed perusing whilst gasping at the ostentatiousness of it all! :p

My top picks for this year ...

#1. Skycar Prototype
Who can resist a skycar? Only 3 million moolahs ... it's touted as the "world's first personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, designed to elevate individual drivers above the headaches of commuting and the dangers of highway travel". WAH!!!

#2. The Henry Dunay Brooches and Necklaces
From their site: the black jade brooch (217.52 carats) is embellished with diamonds (2.28 carats) and rubies (39.36 carats). Erhmmm like I didn't even know jade was measured in carats?!?!

#3.Swarovski Crystal-covered Ipod Case
Erhmm this one is considered cheap at the lowly price of $840.

#4. Louis Vuitton Jewelry Case
I saw this in the paper catalog for *coughs* $44,200. I can't even find it online. Don't tell me it's sold out already? This one I don't mind having ... so exquisite looking! :(
NM X'mas Catalog

OK can't continue now. I just told hubs about the skycar and he rudely snatched the catalog away from me for his toilet reading :p ... ahh maybe he will get me something in there for x'mas *dreamsss*


my alter ego said...


any nice handbags n shoes in those catalo?

i would really to get something from VS though...

mini said...

yah yah ... i like this bronze chanel handbag. so nice right?

but i think i will have to eat pb&js and save for a year before I can buy :(

rhys said...

Hmm, after you get that jewellery case, you won't have any money left to fill it up!

mini said...

r>...sadly you bring up a good point. but it's ok i'll be happy just sitting and stroking it :) LOL