Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Of Eyebrows and Chocolate

Yay I finally made up with my eyebrow threading lady this weekend. I stopped going to her earlier this summer because she'd stood me up several times! :( Unfortunately, this boycott hasn't turned out to be too successful since it's not like I'm spoiled for choices. I went to Leeba salon near BU for a while but I stopped going after the lady ruined my eyebrows!!! :( They turned out crooked. Mad does not even describe it. And I'm not usually that particular about my eyebrows.

OK so I finally sucked up my pride, tail between legs, and went back to Nila auntie at her new salon. She used to work out of her home and A and I would sneak out at lunch to get our eyebrows done. Anyway her new salon (Dreams Salon) in Harvard Square and my eyebrows are beautiful again!

Another perk of the new Harvard Square location is that it's right behind L.A. Burdick, a New England based Chocolatier! We stopped by the cafe after to get some hot chocolate. The place was super packed so we'd to get it to go. The hot chocolate is unique, more bitter than sweet and very rich. I'd recommend the small cup coz I felt sick after downing most of the medium (and I love sugar!). Oooh I also bought some chocolate mice. Very cute!

A photo from inside LA Burdick. Doesn't it feel like you're in a different country? I want to move to Harvard Square!!!
LA Burdick in Harvard Square

Eyebrow Theading, 114 Mt. Auburn:
114 Mt. Auburn


~e~ said...

does threading hurt? have always thought of trying...

choco sounds divine. :) me chocoholic! ;p

mini said...

hi e! threading isn't too bad. i find it less painful than tweezing since it's more of a broad motion rather than targetting specific hairs. i read about several places in SG that do this! u should totally check it out :D

Gabby said...

I love Rupini's in Singapore - they are very generous with baby powder on your eyebrows before starting work on them. Really minimises pain.

Daryl said...

Good to see that Burdick's is still around - great stuff.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you.