Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Natto Obsession

I should be working on my resume. But blogging is more fun. :p Hubs and I have been stuffing ourselves with natto ever since we discovered the joys and convenience of frozen natto. Natto is this weird sticky stinky fermented soybean that the Japanese eat and we love it!

This is what the carton looks like:

Our attempt at making natto maki. I know I know, not very gourmet looking :p
Home Made Natto Maki


matreshka said...

Natto gives me nightmares. When i first started working, my colleague brought me to this authentic Jap restaurant that she liked. It was in one of the streets off Orchard Road... one of those small l'il places that you never knew existed, run by a Japanese lady and its clientele made up of Japanese businessmen.

When the bill came up, we each had to fork out $50 per person. Scary lehh... first few paychecks some more. kekeke

matreshka said...

Forgot to add: That was my first and last bowl of Natto. :p

mini said...

u have to give me the name of the place in sg hehe. authentic places are the best lor. but i beg you to give it another try lol :D it's soooooooooo goood! i will drag you there when I come back. just the right amt of rice, warm, slightly bitter sweet natto flavor and a bit of wasabi..yumm!! btw I am not describing ours ...talking abt the restaurant one haha.

gracie said...

hmmm I am a Jap foodie so I'm sad to say I still haven't tried this yet. In my defense, there's just sooo many other stuff we like to order that we always over-order as is. Altho, I should definitely give it a try the next time I go for sushi hehe... =)

mini said...

gracie > yah yah us too! so many things you 'have' to order that there isn't much room for trying new stuff :)