Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Which celebrity do you look like?

Read about today on digg. It's supposedly able to do face recognition on a photo you submit and tell you what celebrity you look like. Oooh what fun right? Of course it has more meaningful purposes too :) for example you can use it to find long lost relatives or trace family lines.

Perfect timing. We have a release going out at work tonight so what better time to try this new toy while waiting haha. Apparently I look like Hilary Duff in one and Renee Zwelleger in another. Hrmpf. Guess they haven't uploaded any photos of asian celebrities :p

Alrighty people make sure to try it out and let me know who you look like!

Is my face that chubby???

Oooh I likey she's like 20 and I'm not ...

Oooh I likey she's like 20 and I'm not :)


Gabrielle said...

oh thought they paid you a compliment saying that you look like Renee!!! she's pretty !!!

FQ said...

i tried. looked like drew barrymore!!
btw, how's your cholestrol test results? no one can beat my score. doc threatened to put me on immediate medication.. boohoo..

matreshka said...

renee and hilary... better than mine, better than mine. haha. You know who i'm referring to :p

mini said...

g> i think renee looks like she's always sucking on super lemon or something haha

f> i sent u email :) i think most ppl don't realize that skinny ppl can have high cholesterol too. mine was ok wihtin the normal range but probably closer to the high side. too much pocky

m> wow u up so early!!! kekkeke consolation at least she's talented lah. which do you prefer? brains or looks :))