Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In the Kitchen

We cleaned out our pantry the other day. It was filled with food that hub's parents had brought us during their trip almost a year and a half ago. We probably have enough to survive a nuclear explosion. Fortunately, or unfortunately, most of the stuff was expired so the decision to toss them out was easy. The rest of the items, I wasn't sure what to do with. There were all kinds of chinese herbs, apparently for making soup? But I don't make soup???? Though I found in the mess, 3 boxes of prima chilli crab premix! So yay! We'll be having a feast sometime soon :)

We have like a billion packets of bak kut teh so if anyone is craving some ... let me know :D

Cleaning out our Pantry

My next task was to make pineapple tarts. Being a tad over zealous, I bought a fresh pineapple not the canned ones. Canned pineapples are for sissys. Real cooks use fresh ingredeints. Of course I can barely cook or bake or cut for that matter. After watching me battle the pineapple for a while, hubs graciously offered to cut it for me :)

The pineapple:
The Pineapple

My nemesis:
My Pineapple Tarts

They look better than they taste. :( The pastry was too salty and the pineapple filling wasn't sweet enough. I also ran out of filling after 12 tarts. Hence the empty middle row. I was hoping to be a domestic goddess and send these to family and friends for Chinese New Year. *Sigh* will have to experiment again!

I also played dress up with Moxie. She's outgrown most of her clothes already. That cow :p
A whirl ..and moxie


S* said...

i can never get over how cute moxie is!!

bochup said...

wah the chilli crab mix can last so long? =) n gd job with the tarts la... i just bought them in SG hehe...

mini said...

bochup: have to be resourceful lah since we can't get em here :)

s*: yeah i can't bring myself to yell at mox even when she's being bad. i'm such a softie