Friday, January 13, 2006

Weekend List

I'm resolving to be less of a procrastinator, so this weekend I am going to accomplish all these things that have been sitting on my list for a while. Oh and of course fun stuff too, things I've always wanted to do but never got down to doing

  • Print out wedding photos (my mom's been bugging me forever)

  • Finish writing out our wedding thank you cards *blush* mom is so gonna kill me but I think she hasn't read my blog in a while so she doesn't know ;)

  • Get stamped envelope to mail to embassy so I can get my new passport and travel

  • Clean the apartment so we can invite people over (haha). Reward: Go to ikea to get home organizers

  • Do laundry. I have a huge pile of clothes to be washed (hubs wants to stop me from buying new clothes (yeah right) till I do laundry :p)

  • Go to newton open house on Sunday. There is this condo we should take a look at. It's right down the street from where we live. 3 bdrms and includes garage and patio! Only problem is the outside looks kinda crap. It's in our price range so we should take look anyway. Yeah there's usually some major flaw with anything in our price range :p

  • Bake pineapple tarts! CNY is coming up and I've always wanted to do this. Anyone have a good recipe?

  • Take moxie for interview with doggy daycare. Then we can take off on short trips and not have to worry :)

  • Work on resume

  • Return jacket at BR and exchange sweater at bloomies

  • Wow long list ... wish me luck!


    S* said...

    Laundry is probably more fun now that you know the Japanese secret behind folding t-shirts!

    mini said...

    ps. it works on shirts too :)

    rhys said...

    but if you fold your shirts, won't you have to iron them again?