Monday, May 08, 2006

Botched Hair Job

Speaking of highlights, I have a confession to make. I had chao ah lian hair for a month thanks to the stylist at Sasson Salon. You see I was desperate. The guy I usually go to was on vacation and my hair was in really bad shape. I mean wtf right? He's supposed to be at my beck and call!

Anyway, I told the new stylist that I wanted my existing highlights to be touched up. And that I wanted it SUBTLE. !*@(#@ Does this look subtle to you?? And how could hubs let me walk around like this?? *Cringes and dies*

I don't know how I convinced myself, but I lived with this Men's Egg look for a couple weeks. Then, one day I couldn't stand it anymore and being a soon-to-be poor student, fixed it myself with a package of L'oreal Feria in black cherry.

I think it turned out pretty good. Since I had highlights in already, the strands of hair picked up different tones so it looks like I still have highlights!

PS. It looks almost black in natural light. I am so HAPPY.

PPS. Thanks to matreshka also for the coloring tips! :D

Before - EEEKSAfter - PHEW


~e~ said...

you know... i think having highlighted hair is too high maintenance for me to keep this up after the wedding.

1) highlighting costs in the region of 100bucks,
2) special shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair is 3x the price of normal shampoo for 1/4 the quantity,
3) touchups needed when roots grow out,
4) takes at least 5 sessions of 2-monthly lowlights before you get your natural hair colour back again.

Gee that's a lot of shoes and bags... And that's not even thinking about how damaging all the chemicals and heat must be to your hair...

sorry... mad rambling from someone who used to have virgin hair...

singaporegrrl said...

I think you did a good job with the Feria. The before pic was a bit like you got "spotlights" instead of "highlights". The after pic is v. nice. You can walk around with no shame now.

mini said...

e> *covers ears* don't tell me the cost....nooooo..... but i promise, no more when I stop work!

singaporegrrl> thanks goodness!!! urhkg it looks orange :(

matreshka said...

Feria worked for me for many, many years :)

FQ said...

good job! you can part-time in a hair salon when you're back in school :P