Friday, May 19, 2006

Into the Green Mountains

Trivia of the day: Did you know that Vermont = vert mont (french) = Green Mountain?

We took a weekend trip to Vermont last weekend since it was DH's 30th birthday. It wasn't easy picking a place to go. Our destination had to be within a 2-3hr drive and our choices were limited since we wanted to take Moxie with us.

NYC - Been there done that
New Hampshire - Bleh, DH used to live there
Conneticut - Does anyone even vacation there?
Rhode Island - Been there
Lake George - No nice hotels and a little far
Berkshires - Not much to do in the spring?
Vermont - YAY

Eventually I settled on Vermont since it's only 2hrs from Boston and I found this cute little B&B (Four Columns Inn) that allows pets. Another bonus is that the inn has a nice restaurant run by an "award winning" chef (taken with a grain of salt hehe).

Our room:
Bed at the Inn

Unfortunately for us, the weather didn't cooperate and it rained all weekend! Yeah DH and I never have much luck with weather. It rained on our wedding day too and it was in July. We had to axe plans to go hiking on the Long Trail which stretches from Massachusetts to Canada!

We spent all weekend eating and driving around. Vermont really does live up to its name. You can see the mountains from most towns and it's green green green everywhere you go! Something else strange about Vermont also was that it had running water everywhere! From impromtu waterfalls on the mountain walls, to gushing streams (looked like rapids to me!) alongside the road.

ViewThe Birthday BoyBlack Angus TenderloinEggs Over Easy

Instead of hiking, we visited a farm, got a massage, bought vermont cheddar, maple syrup, ate in a gourmet diner car, and went to the Ben and Jerry's factory! Not too shabby I suppose. More stories and photos to come!


singaporegrrl said...

Very nice! Looks like y'all had a good time (Moxie too!) You're both a very handsome couple. :D

S* said...

Happy Happy Birthday! there's a lil girl this part of the world who is about 30 years younger!

Gabby said...

oohhh god....i checked out the site and i am in love with the bathtub in Suite 4!!!!!!

mini said...

singaporegrrl> thanks :)

s* > boy he's old :) and i think sophie beat hubs by a couple days

gabby > too bad we didn't have much of a choice. pets are confined to only 2 rooms in the inn ..sighz...