Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy B'day Moxie!

It's Moxie's second birthday today! We weren't able to celebrate last year since we were in Singapore for our wedding, but I sure made it up this year! I baked her a yummy cake: banana honey center with yogurt and blueberry frosting. Don't think I did a very good job with the cake since it came out kinda tough ... oh well I figured Moxie would be forgiving anyway since she even eats paper towels. This should be a treat in comparison!

B'day Dog Again!

The doggy birthday cake:
The birthday cake - close up!

Here's her new birthday bed! Her old one is all ripped up, destuffed, and disgusting. Yeah this is what us strange pet people do =)

Old Bed
Moxie's Old Bed

New Bed ... Ahhh better! Though I'm quite sure she prefers the old bed haha
Moxie's New Bed!


rhys said...

Woof Woof Woof Ah-ruff!!

*translation: Happy Birthday Moxie! Have fun shredding up the new bed to your liking and may you get lots more yummy treats and less dunkings this year!

matreshka said...

Happy Birthday Moxie!!!

You look so cute in your birthday hat! Hope you enjoyed the yummilicious cake and that ooooh awesomely soft, new bed!

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Nelle & Socks

~e~ said...

oooh... happy birthday moxie dear... here's to more cake and less paper towels!

singaporegrrl said...

Happy Birthday Moxie! I can't wait to see the birthday video.
Hint, hint. ;)

S* said...

happy birthday Moxie!! go rip up your new bed...

BloatedTomato said...

moxie looks so cute in the party hat! :)

Milly Me said...

Happy Birthday Moxie! You're one lucky dog :)