Sunday, July 23, 2006

Let's Go ... Ecuador

It's vacation time. We're leaving for Quito on Friday! I'm so excited and a little stressed out. My last day at work is Monday which means I only have 3 days to prepare for the trip and run errands before I leave. This includes paying tuition for the fall, picking a new health insurance plan, filling out some surveys for school, sending out my free ipod rebate, laundry, packing, driving an hour to Dartmouth to drop Moxie off. Arghk the list goes on. Being an adult isn't fun =(

But on to photos. Here's a sneak preview courtesy of our friend who works for unesco in Ecuador:

We'll be staying in Quito the capital city for 2 days and spend a week in the Galapogos. I've always been fascinated by that place since reading about it in our Campbell biology text in Junior College hehe :)


matreshka said...

woo hoo! Congrats!!!

EquaDor at the EquaTor is going to be so much fun. Pack me along in your suitcase, pleeeease? But first, buy me a ticket to Boston, pleeeease?


Take more photos, especially of the Galapogos! So exciting!

~e~ said...

ooooh!!!! so exciting! glad your plans fell into place! i demand pictures when you return... :)

mini-me said...

hee yah! who wants to squeeze into my backpack?

but we are very last minute. haven't even decided on our hotels yet =( ... and some of the places we want are already fully booked! arhgk!

gracie said...

wah haven't even decided on hotels ah? that is really last minute. But then that means u'll have more stuff to blog about! =D

Have loads of fun!

singaporegrrl said...

Awesome! Have fun and take lots of pictures!