Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Battle Scars

The whole interviewing process is humiliating. Rejection bites. I am sick of putting on my battle gear -> ugly black or gray suit. I am sick of writing thank you notes to people I'm not really thankful for meeting. I'm sick of talking about my great and inspiring leadership experiences. I'm sick of meeting interviewers from that bschool across the river who never forget to remind you about their pedigree.

But really the point of my post is to vent about this particular company. I interviewed with them on Thursday. They tell me they'll let me know on Monday afternoon if I made the second round. Interviews are Monday evening. Hrmm isn't it kinda TIGHT?

I have a compulsory class to attend Monday evening. But why would I go out of the way to rearrange my schedule for an interview I'm not even sure I'll be called back for. So anyway they call me Monday at 1.30pm (they were still wrapping up first rounds on campus). I have class all day till 9pm. The HR person asks if I can come in at 6pm. I'm like no way, can I reschedule? And guess what she says!!! NO. OK first of all it's not like I am begging them to interview me ok. They called ME. So I was like whatever, I'll not be coming in for a second round, but feeling quite buay song.

Then today, they send me a rejection e-mail. Excuse me, but the last I checked I was the one who said no!! :( WTF!!


~e~ said...

how unreasonable!! *swipes at offending HR twits and obnoxious interviewers*

Cheer up, dearie! *hugs* on a happier note, how are you celebrating CNY? :)

Nordiah said...

I had gone to some horrible interviews myself, so I can empathize how you feel. Good to have you back on your web though. :)

gracie said...

well the good news is you proly don't want to work in a company like that anyways... so obnoxious.

S* said...

agree with Gracie... It's much better that you know that they are twits rather than working there and discovering it.

Milly Me said...

Sometimes, good things turn out badly..chin up! :)