Thursday, February 15, 2007

Choice: Luxury or Curse?

*whispers* so recently I've been getting several internship offers. This damn mba is finally paying off! I applied for all these different jobs since I was kiasu and afraid I wouldn't get an offer. So now I am left with a variety of choices that all seem quite interesting. Spent the past 2 weeks wrecking my poor little brain over it and narrowed the finalists down to 2 places. The bank in sunny Singapore and the big G! Well the big G is not in my pocket yet. But I've been invited to a second round in CA! I'm so excited to roam the G-campus. I promise to take photos.

Though I don't know how I would choose between the two. The bank is a good opportunity for me to try something different. The big G is well the big G!! I can even bring Moxie to work! Though I've been in the web industry before and this is nothing different. HRMMM guess I shouldn't count my chikins before they hatch.


gracie said...

Of course take G la! It's voted best company to work for 2007 leh...
But does that mean u gotta do long distance with yr hub?

oh and I heard that their interviews for fulltime jobs can have up to 7 rounds... hope the internship interviews aren't as crazy.

mini said...

OMG 7 rounds! interns easier ..only 2 30-minute interviews! like very short hor? it's the same amt of time I interviewed on campus?!?

but they are herding interns like cattle :P I hear there are groups of up to 50 people. is that nuts or what!

gracie said...

yah crazy... well they can afford to with their 'best place to work' ranking. anyways, hope u get the bestest internship this summer! And if you're working in CA, maybe we can finally meet up! =)