Sunday, March 18, 2007

Book Recs Etc.

I'm heading to China on Friday for spring break but I hate long plane rides. Anyone read some good books lately? I need something in addition to all the darn cases and studying for that finance exam we have when we get back which I know I won't get to. HAHA. I hope china airlines has good movies.

Oh and tips for China are welcome too. I'm already bringing lots of tissue paper :)


~e~ said...

heya! you're finally back! :)

i'm personally into classics, especially for long trips - they take a long time to finish!! haha..

i like Anna Karenina, though it is a tad depressing. i recently also came across Calvin Trillin's "About Alice" which I thought may be a good read, but haven't gotten down to it.

China - whereabouts are you headed? Other than Shanghai, I haven't been there in more than 10 years, but i'm sure tissues are definitely a good idea. haha.. If you are in SH though, there are a couple of nice restaurants... let me know before i spam your comments box! ;p

mini said...

hey E ..dropped u an email :) and food recs are always welcome even if I'm not heading to Shanghai! LoL

gracie said...

Are u going to Beijing? If yes, I got some recs.
Also, be very careful of pickpockets... my friend lost his camera and another lost his wallet near the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. =)

mini said...

no not going to beijing unfortunately :( but good advice on the pick pockets! will remember to be careful

ps. haven't seen your photos from your trip yet! quick quick go upload!

~e~ said...

Mini->> haven't got any email from you leh... which addy did you send it to?